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Maintenance, troubleshooting, confunding factors


The minimum and optimum frequency of maintenance: For private persons with 4-5 users and average using time, a minimum of 1 maintenance per year, optimal is twice a year. Companies, with up to 20 users, a minimum of 2 maintenances is recommended, optimal would be 4 times a year. (Especially if the system is exposed to extreme conditions such as weather, dust, oil, etc..) Systems with BM-TOP certification and fire sensors require maintenance every 6 months by law. 


If you don't have maintenance service, you can still order troubleshooting. In this case, the troubleshooting begins as soon as possible, however not guaranteed within 24 hours. If you need the troubleshooting within 24 hours, you will be billed with a 20% emergency fee. Billing anf dees are to be found in the table of charges, upon ordering please ask our specialist for an estimated calculation of expenses. The expenses for the troubleshooting are to be paid on the spot, with cash. 

Some factors that may disturb the operation of your alarm system: 

  • Placing objects in front of the sensors or covering them. Riasztórendszer
  • During renovation, painting over the sensors or getting them dirty.
  • While cleaning the keypad, pay attention and try not to get it too wet.
  • The sensors do not need cleaning, this is taken care of during maintenance.
  • When drilling through walls, you must make sure that no damage occurs to the systems' cables.
  • Switching the mains voltage on and off, longer blackouts.
  • The transposition of the sensors should be done by a specialist (For example, if you change your doors and windows, the opening sensor shouldn't be moved by the craftsman.)  

In case you experience any troubles with your alarm system, contact our specialists. We have a 24 hour technical assistance hotline, we'd be happy to assist you, also with an on-the-site- surveying. 

Remote monitoring helps you enhance the efficiency of your alarm system, becaause all the signals that are sent to the dispatch centre (break-in, panic, fire, CO, etc. ) are monitored 24/7 365 days a year with immediate reaction. 
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