Our Services

Building cleaning

Once the construction is done and the residents are ready to move in, everything has to be cleaned as soon as possible. Cleanic is your optimal choice. One of our best traits is flexibility, If the delivery is urgent, we work night & day to satisfy our customers’ needs. 

Cleaning before and after moving

Moving is always exciting, a new beginning, a new experience. Sometimes, you dont have any energy left to do the cleaning, so cleanic got this for you too..

Cleaning after renovation

Sometimes you may wish for something new, a fresh kick of color for your living room or maybe a new kitchen? Cleanic is taking the daunting duty of cleaning off your hands and you are free to admire the work of artisans in your home. 

Entertainment establishment cleaning  (Restaurants, Cafés, Pastry shops, Casinos, Bakeries, Butcher shops) 

Entertainment establishment cleaning is best organized if customers get the impression of a thorough cleanliness but the cleaning itself remains hidden from the customer’s eyes. Sometimes this proves to be a real challange – even for cleanic’s expert level of flexibility – because this also means we have to clean before or after hours. This point of view has been taken into account in the progress of working hours calculation.

Kitchen cleaning

Industrial kitchens have to be cleaned thoroughly every now and then. We offer cleaning for example restuarants at night or with a bigger team on the business’ day off.

Toilet supervision / cleaning – also during the night

In clubs and during events, a person is often needed to take care of the cleanliness of the restrooms and refills. Should you require this kind of service- contact cleanic.

Cleaning of clubs 

Cleaning of clubs is our speciality. We can’t be surprised anymore, not even after a huge party.

Hotel room cleaning

If needed we can also provide maids for hotels and lodges

Office cleaning, cleaning of surgeries and law firms

It is sometimes difficult to find an employee to do all the minor cleaning in the office – cleanic can take care of that too.

Private house/ home cleaning

In the hectic rhythm of our everyday lives cleaning is time consuming and takes quality time away with our loved ones. We can take the weight of this duty off your shoulders on a weekly or monthly basis or just before the holidays – however you want it.

Garage cleaning

Is your garage also filled with „essentials” that you gathered for years so the junk takes up so much space your car doesn’t even fit in there anymore? Sounds like you need a selection and disposal of your stuff. If you don’t feel like having to clean it all up afterwards, ask cleanic to do it for you!

Cleaning after weddings or other events

When the wedding season begins, the capacity of your staff may be pushed to the limits and you’re in need of additional help – cleanic is happy to organize that for you!

Cleaning during holiday replacement or temporary replacement

Small and medium sized businesses, as well as big companies often face the difficulty of finding a temporary substitute for the cleaning staff in case of a long term sickness or during the summer holiday season. Cleanic is your best choice in this case!

Cleaning on business premises such as local shops, storage facilities, car showrooms, customer restrooms