Planning and installation

TervezésInstallation of a new system

For an offer to be made we need an on-the-spot survey of the property. We also need a schematic drawing of the property, which you may already have, but in case you don’t, you can draw this yourself. This drawing will help us plan your security system and the location of the sensors and other tools. Our offer includes the price for the tools, the installation and the programming. We recoommend the installation of a control panel, which can provide the possibility of signals by zone as well as an expansion. Signals by zone enable a more accurate reaction in case of an alarm and later in case a troubleshooting is necessary it could result in cost reduction.

The planning is possible:

  • before the constructions begin

  • in case of an existing property with on-the-spot survey
  • if you have an alarm system and need a revision or expansion
Our alarm system price calculator can help you make a rough estimation of the costs. If you wish to use this tool, please visit our link for the calculator and fill in the form.
For an accurate offer please contact our specialists for a free consultation.

Installation of wireless devices

advantages: installation is quick, the tools are estheticRiasztórendszer
disadvantages: its more expensive, compared to wired devices, battery needs to be changed regularly 

Installation of wired devices

advantages: cost-efficient, safe, because the battery is charged automatically by the system
disadvantages: a cabling trail needs to be made. This trail can be hidden within the walls or outside in raceways, with help of the already existing low-voltage piping (phone etc.)

The guarantee of technicality during the planning

BiztosításIt’s always an extra level of security to our clients whe the installation is done by a company with service liability insurance. (The unauthorized asset protection activity is prohibited by 2005/CXXXIII.) If you trust us with the installation of your security system, you won’t have to worry about this.

Expansion and revision of an existing security system

Upon request our specialist will arrive on the site for an on-the-spot survey and will make a recommendation for the expansion of the system. The results of this security audit will be provided in a written expertise about the relocation of the sensors and sufficiency of the tools.

The installation process:

Creating of Cable tracks:
  • Installation of tools and connecting to remote monitoring services - free of charge,
  • Programming – free of charge,
  • Handing over your system, making of protocol, receiving the official documentation,
  • Personalization, Customized user guide and manual for the owner.



The acceptance of the offer in writing will be considered as placing the order, so no extra order forms are needed. Our clients have the possibility of changing details of the order up until the point of installation. The implementation’s fee applies to continuous work. In case the work flow is disturbed for reasons beyond our coltrol, the implementation fee remains the same, you won’t have to pay more. The installation comes with a lot of drilling and other loud noise. After the work is done, the place will need a thorough cleaning. Our collegues have to wear shoes during the working process for safety reasons.


Implementation, documentation


During the putting into operation you will be presented with an official users manual. The system status after installation will be recorded in the protocol. After the installation is complete a PESTOR specialist will help you learn the systems functions and operation, together you will test the system.

With remote monitoring you can enhance the efficiency of your alarm system, because any signal sent to the dispatch centre (break-in, panic, fire, CO, etc...) is being monitored 24/7 365 days a year. 
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